TWK Book Recs

Here are some of the books the WhitneyKiddos Recommend to Other Families! They are an assortment of books Papa-son and Mama-cita have read (or are reading) to the kiddos outloud.

This was given to us by some dear friends recently and we are already benefiting from it.  I like that it has Scripture passages to read, questions to for the kids to answer as well as the parents, and simple but helpful illustrations to drive home bigger thoughts for kids.  While we are far from finishing it, we think this will be something we will continue with as it's easy for Pops to pick up and use at the dining room table with little prep work but lots to consider!

Who isn't affected by the story of Helen Keller?  This was a good read to be reminded of how many physical blessings we have and how God can use us all... despite our "limitations."

This is a book we just read.  The reason we liked this book is because it sparked conversation about marriage, death, joy, work, sibling relationships, and more.

The Kiddos just finished listening to Mama-cita read Meet Addy to them and they are ready for the next book in the series.  If you have never read the Addy books in the American Girl series, do it!  Plus, our cousin Krystle was Addy in the Broadway show!

This is the kids Bible we reach for when are reading to all the kiddos at once.  
The pages are colorful, large, and the words help the kiddos see/understand 
that though the Bible is made up of many smaller books, 
it all points to One God who had a plan from the beginning.

I got this hardcover book off Paperback Swap and the Joshua and Saraina LOVED it.  I was surprised that Joshua liked it so much but he did.  This sparked so many conversations about the need to trust and obey, what we truly need, and what makes us happy. No doubt we'll reread this again and have new conversations.

We got this book to compliment our reading of Little House in the Big Woods and we don't regret it.  The kids would ask nightly for us to read more.  It's filled with lots of helpful information on how pioneers may have lived.  And it's not all rose-colored!

People often ask what curriculum we use in our home school.  Well, here's a major part of it!  Spell to Write and Read is everything that works for us: reasonably priced, can be easily used for multiple kiddos, mostly non-consumable, phonics-based, is comprehensive in that it is a full language arts (reading, spelling, writing) program, teaches children early the 70 phonograms in the English language and spelling rules to allow children (and adults!) to understand the "why" behind words in our English language, supports our faith, doesn't include unnecessary "filler,"  and is working for Joshua, Saraina, and now Kadin!