Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remembering Baby Levi's Birth Story

So, it all went down on Saturday, July 14, 2012.

Lest we forget the details, Levi, here's what your birth day looked like:

Mama's remembrance--
~ Cooked 21 eggs, oven-fried potatoes, bacon, and bread w/ butter for breakfast
~ Pops and kiddos went outside to get the garden under control till lunchtime while I did stuff in the house
~ Pasta w/ broccoli for kiddos lunch while William and I had leftover spinach with ginger pork pasta
~ Took a last minute trip to IKEA looking for hooks and to allow me to walk a bit
~ Arrived home and rushed to get dinner on the table while William bathed the little three
~ By God's grace, we had roasted chicken, corn, rice with gravy
~ Took Autumn and Patience upstairs to get ready for night night and my water broke as I was changing Patience's diaper

Soooo, labor began almost exactly at 7pm, just as I had hoped!  So very kind of our Lord! How I don't deserve His kindnesses!

- William did the family devotion with the kiddos (2 Peter 2) while I was in the bathroom
~ William then washed all the dishes/cleaned up post-dinner
~ At 8pm the bigger kids were sent to bed though Kadin kept saying he "really wants to see the baby being born"
~ At 8:10pm William decides to clean the downstairs bathroom b/c he "just didn't get to it earlier"

~ Took shower and noticed my water was not clear but green and kinda gloppy.  Prayed and then called my midwife back.

William takes over the story from here...

Daddy's remembrance-
Midwife Christina arrived around 10:45pm and checked all the vitals - all was well!  She had wisely advised the green and gloppy water might indicate that baby had pooped in the womb.  But that didn't necessarily mean we had to rush over to the government run hospital or freak out.  We had prayed and the color of the water did change.  Yippee.

By the time Christina arrived a calm mellowness had settled upon the Whitney house.  Mama was only having mild contractions and we thought maybe this one would run longer than normal?  Always a trooper, Mama decided to hunker down and get busy with birthing.  Swatting helped the progress and within an hour things were starting to percolate!

We were gathered in our "office".  (Most people would call it a living room but we call it an office).  Some strong contractions were rolling in and Mama decided to go for a vertical, upright delivery.  She didn't think she could do it and said as much to me and the Midwife.  I said to Mama "yes you can" and she believed me!  She gathered up all her might and started pushing baby out.

Christina continued to be real laid back and made me wonder if I was going to have to catch the baby!  Mama was leaning on a small coffee table and Christina said "there's the head".

Mama's remembrance-
At this point, the Lord reminded me of something I read about pushing slowy, not rushing, when there is evidence of baby having a bowel movement in the womb.  How the Holy Spirit moves b/c my brain generally doesn't remember much, esp. in labor!  When the baby has a bowel movement in utero, as the green water indicated, there is a risk of the baby taking in the waste (merconium).  To battle that, when baby's come out super fast, there is often a bit of extra distress which can cause the baby to ingest it.  What I read was when mothers slow the birth process down and gently allow the baby to come out, there is less stress and thereby less likelihood for baby to end upo with the merconium issue.

Back to Daddy's remembrance:
Sure enough, one more good push and the baby came out no problem into Christina's hands.  It's a boy!

He looked real good and we were elated.  We had already picked out the name - Levi Ean Whitney.  His name follows alphabetically after his two older brothers...JKL for the first name....and CDE for the middle.

Christina asked what time it was and the clock on the wall read 12:07am.  His birthday was July 15!  About a week later we realized we keep that clock about 10 minutes fast to help us get places on time.  So Levi's real birthday is July 14 but the government will always have it down as July 15.  Levi Ean - welcome home!!!

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