Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eight is GREAT!

That's our new slogan.  Pops came up with it.


Pops having fun with his kiddos.
That's what my (always funny) husband said when we found out we were expecting another little Whitney kiddo.


Catchy, isn't it?

Yay!  Not too old to climb!
On our way to MD and NJ last month I told William that I thought my eggs were cracked at this point.  What I was getting at is that I felt that I was too old to bear children.  He laughed and said no way!

Upon seeing the "positive" result for the eighth time, I... I could only LAUGH.

I think I kinda understand (not really, of course!) how Sarah must've felt when she was told that she would bear a son in her old age.  I'll be 39 years old when little one arrives.  Isn't that too old?

Well, that's what our children-hating culture would have us all believe.  The world screams kids are too expensive, too much work, and inhibit your freedom from doing more meaningful things.

Hmmm, so supposedly I'm missing out on something more?

But, as the Lord is always timely, He had me read a very helpful article from Above Rubies shortly after finding out that He was entrusting me to have another life grow inside me.  Here are a few things that challenged my thinking on having babies later in life:

"Did you know that women are in the childbearing years until they reach menopause?"

"Well, if God wanted us to stop childbearing at 35 years, He would have planned for us to go through menopause at that age.  But, instead God purposed our bodies to be able to conceive until menopause."

"Many people argue that they are too old for more children, and so they choose not to have any more...  The interesting thing is that these same people do not think they are too old for the workforce."

Talk about giving me hope!  There were other stories about women having their best pregnancies later in life and being such better mothers from the years of experience.  Women were sharing stories of hard work mothering kids but were totally JOY-filled and seeing the abundant blessings.

Yep.  I got stories myself of hard work and abundant blessings!

Lee Lee... all wide-eyed

Patience - all smiles and giggles
Autumn Glo Baby

Lo Lo always on the go-go

Funny-guy Kadin

Big sis Saraina

J-man, the eldest

That served to further my desire to adopt one day, Lord-willing, as well.  Even when He closes my womb, I hope we will still be able to serve Him through adoption.  Oddly, the more children I have, the more I want to adopt!

So, on this Mother's Day, I celebrate my mother who chose to give me life, my husband's mother who chose to give him life, and I celebrate the Lord God who is the Author of Life.  He is the One who opens and closes the womb.  He is the Giver of every good gift. He is the One who gives and takes away.  He is God.  We are not!


And, I laugh again... marveling at His amazing kindness to a sinner who has been forgiven.


John and Megan said...

We are also expecting! Baby #2 (Ezra Michael) is due November 15!
Megan Pedersen

Nikki said...

Congrats! I just found out that I too am expecting with the baby being due just after my 38th b-day. Of course it's my first(and probably my only), but I guess it's never too late.


Anonymous said...

William been trying to find you on facebook for years. It's todd chamberlain not sure if you remember me. Look me up ok Facebook under Tc runner. Hope to chat soon..God bless!!

Anonymous said...

William it's Todd chamberlain not sure you remember me but you can find me on Facebook under Tc runner. Hope to hear from you sokn and God bless!!

Carvalho said...

HI Nakia,

Thought of you today and just wanted to say hi. Hope all is well!

Diana (Joaquim) Carvalho