Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Art of Waiting

Waiting has never been my forte.  And that is just putting it mildly.  Trust me, there's a reason we named our 6th child Patience!

Yet, the Lord, in His great kindness, has me in the position of waiting once again.  And this round, though I've alreadly failed, I am learning.  I am learning to not waste my pregnancy.  (Ever read John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life or Don't Waste Your Cancer?)

So, here are some lessons I am seeing that I want to pray for more diligently next time I am being called to wait.

1. God is sovereign over my waiting period.
2. God does have an end time already set which should be a source of hope.
3. God calls me to work and does not reward idleness.
4. Wrestling with God is not the same as trying to manipulate God.

Given these "lessons" and seeing that my "due date" has passed, how am I trying to respond?  I'm not trying to be induced.  I'm not going to try home remedies to bring on labor.  I'm going to continue doing school with the kiddos (yes, we homeschool year-round, summer included!).  I've switched back to cloth diapers after a long stretch of laziness.  I'm cleaning (especially with my new Norwex products!!!) and cooking and training and teaching, albeit much less and slowly.  I'm continuing to fight "oooo, I wish we could just order a pizza!" moments and seeing God's unbelievable work at providing home-cooked meals when my energy was next to nothing!  I'm taking offers of help seriously.  I'm allowing this season to be used by God to greatly influence and work in my kiddos as they are each growing as a result of Mommy being in a position of need.

And, I'm praying... and so see my need for Him.

Well, that's it.  I'll let everyone know when Baby #7 arrives!  And, if you're able to/remember to, please pray for Baby and me and William and the other kiddos.

Night night.

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Team Whitney said...

Kia, SO glad to have more specifics to pray for you all! We love you so much!