Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun at Cantigny

And now for some other pics.  Sadly, little Patience is in only 1 pic!  Well, she's actually in Daddy's arms in another pic but it's from such a distance you can barely see her.  (I'll do a separate entry with pics of her!  Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

In these shots we enjoyed a warm Spring day at Cantigny.  If you're in this area and you've got kiddos, this is a must. In fact, whether or not you have kiddos this is a must if you enjoy the outdoors.  (Note: I'm not even big on the outdoors and I love this place!)  We went last fall and had a good time but enjoyed our time even more this visit.

Patience crying in her car seat needing to be in Daddy or Mama's arms.  Isn't she a cutie-pie though!
I am not fond of pics of myself BUT I love being with my kiddos.  This is a record that I actually do attend these family outings!  And I actually climbed this tree!  What fun!

Kadin David

Big girl Saraina-bug

the J-man

Paloma... quite angry in this shot
Autumn saying one of the few words we can all understand

Climbing the tanks

Autumn in Daddy's lap

Paloma looking a little less angry and more pensive

And Saraina-raina again

Climbing a tree

Aubuddy and Lolo in the wagon

More tree action

Lady Loma in the tree


Daddy with his arrows... minus Joshua

Autumn so wanting to climb this tree

A Windy Day in April

I've done a horrible job posting.  C'est la vie!  To give a hint at life around our parts I wanted to share some pics.  These pics are from a day at the playground the kiddos LOVE to visit.  Sadly, I don't have a pic of Baby Patience but  she was strapped to me and all bundled up!  Trust me.  She wasn't left at home!