Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Baby #6 - A Letter to You

(Written last week but never published!)

March 30, 2011

Dear Baby #6,

Little one, you've got five big siblings excited to meet you along with two parents that can hardly wait to hold you near and kiss you all over!  Our waiting time is coming to an end soon!!!!

Just today each of the bigger kiddos touched my belly and giggled as you kicked and stretched and visibly entertained us all as I went over some of the potential "game plans" for your arrival.  As it stands, a good friend who is very experienced in home deliveries will come over and care for you guys.  If it happens during the daytime, she'll probably drive you guys to her home and allow her 5 girls to "entertain" you.  I'm very comfortable about her being involved as she's seen 6 home births and has delivered all of her girls at home.

I had a midwife appointment this afternoon and it looks like I'm still measuring ahead!  By her measurement, I'm around 38 weeks though her calculations put me at only 36 weeks and 3 days right now.  We've invited lots of dear people to join us in praying that you would not arrive until at the earliest, April 1st.  For MANY reasons, your Pops and I do NOT want to go to the hospital... at all... so we're also praying that there would be no complications whatsoever.

Life around here is all about you, kiddo!  We are all busily trying to get as much accomplished as we can because we know you will dominate our attention.  Daddy has finished double digging our garden (some serious hard work!) and I marked it off with our new Spring 2011 plans so you'll have plenty of yummy vegetables to eat come September!  We're calling you by the unannounced chosen name though we have no idea what sex you are and praying for you daily.  We are seeing Aubuddy Autumn step up into her big sister role just as all the others did for the sibling who arrived after them.  All in all, you are blessing our family even from the womb!

Looking foward to meeting you face to face,

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Cheryl said...

I am so excited for you and am praying that your home birth is an amazing experience. Congratulations and I can't wait to see pictures of your newest addition.