Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where to Begin?

Blogging is very much not a priority for me these days.  I never posted birthday notes to my boys (Joshua in November and Kadin in January).  I never shared about our big trip after Christmas.  Our new school year began in January (first grade for the J-man and S-girl) and I have said nothing about that as well.  Yep.

So, where to begin?

How about where we are today?

Today we are...

~ watching Paloma's scar lessen after a bizzare incident which led to us having our 1st kiddo get stitches (four, to be exact)

~ watching and praying the Lord, the only One who creates life, allows our vegetable seeds to grow strong in our basement

~ preparing for Baby #6 by getting the homebirth supplies together

~ clearing out/giving away as much unused things as possible to simplify life around here (and hopefully to bless others in some small way, perhaps)

~ getting as many school systems in place to ensure a quick transistion back to school after Baby #6 arrives

~ completing lots of projects around the home like putting in a new sink and painting our little half bathroom and baking (and trying not to eat!) lots of loaves of bread

~ spending more and more time alone, as Hubby-Wifey, and with the kiddos marveling at our amazing Savior and how trustworthy His is

~ praying more as a family and enjoying the blessing of children who can pray for themselves, family, and friends even at the age of 2.    And having ALL of them (minus Autumn) all WANT to pray!  (Talk about faith-building!)

~ buckling down on specific training areas for Autumn (who is just beginning to walk more than crawl!) and Paloma (who is terrified to sit on the potty due to falling in a few too many times)

~ listening to sermons throughout the week to keep our souls fed and our minds from straying as we are VERY prone to forget how sinful we are and how wonderful He is

~ excitedly approaching April 1st when we will officially be health insurance free and when our membership with Samaratian Ministries kicks in

~ marveling at how eating lots of butter, drinking raw whole milk, making  14-16 eggs at least 3 times a week, preparing pancakes 3 times a week, and drastically cutting our addiction to sugar has significantly and greatly blessed our family

~ spending the weekends praising God by working together planning for our Spring and Summer gardens (i.e. I'm planning while Daddy and Joshua till the soil, and Kadin and Saraina add leaves and pine cones to our compost bin)

... and much more but life calls as the aroma of a certain child tells me I have greater priorities to tend to.

But, here are some pictures for you to enjoy of our world!  Sorry about the randomness of them.  I'm not in the mood to put forth too much effort in this endeavor.

Saraina got a violin from Uncle Freeman.  (Neat story behind that but no time for details.)
She has wanted to learn how to play for the last couple of years.

Kadin's 4th Birthday - He wanted oatmeal with bananas for his breakfast.

Here's our four-year old boy.  He has desired to play the guitar for awhile.
Daddy has taught him a chord tp play and he seems to have natural ability.

Another birthday shot.  This is right before cake time.

Here's little Autumn dealing with the cold.
She didn't cry but she didn't look terribly happy either.
S and J enjoying the large snow drifts.  Notice their positions.
J-man is the natural leader and S-girljoyfully following.
Sweet Saraina kept up with her big brother for the most part.
She explored our fenced-in yard, made snow creations, and
kept her big bro company.
The J-man LOVED being out in the snow.
Truth is, he LOVES being outside regardless of the weather.
He truly is a boy and truly is an outdoorsy kind like his Pops.
This is Paloma a couple days after receiving stitches.
She ran into a door at just the right height and with just the right amount of speed.
Kadin washing his hands in our "new" little half bath.
Check out the world's smallest sink!
Papa and the four bigger kiddos at the front of the house.
The kids were playing and Daddy was working.
Saraina still enjoyed swinging despite the cold and the snow.

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