Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saraina-bug Turns FIVE!!!!!

 November 5, 2010

Dear Saraina,

Happy 5th Birthday, dear daughter!  Yay!  Time to recount God's kindness in bringing you into the world five years ago today.

Daddy and I LOVE remembering the birth story of each of you kiddos.  Your birth story was exciting because it involved Walmart, Chik-fil-a, a kind neighbor on the bottom floor of our then condo, speed, and our first beautiful baby girl with a head full of curly dark hair!

Lots has changed since that birth day five years ago but you remain our first beautiful girl with a head full of thick curls.  What's so sweet about you now is I get to enjoy seeing the many ways the Lord has gifted you.  You have an eye for beauty and an ear for music to match your hand for creating.

You take joy in pointing out colors and shapes and capturing them on paper, listening and singing to music, taking note of how things move and fill space.  You are an artisit at 5, no doubt.

You enjoy school and the work that involves.  You may be similar to how I was as a little girl, loving books and school and learning and playing school with my dolls.  You are now the kid who can read things as you look out the window of the van.

While you are such an avid reader, you willingly ask my approval over books you select at the library and seem to accept without problem when I say you may not check out a particular book.  What evidence of God at work in you, sweet girl.

Other things I'd like to remember about you at this age are:
~you cross your legs when you sit down in the van and are all buckled in
~you eat very well but still don't like to chew and swallow broccoli, green beans, or meat
~you still wear your veil around your head (really a ballet skirt!) even when we go out
~you like to wear your rainboots with your dresses and a bit of dirt doesn't phase you
~you are very thoughtful and always thinking of someone to make something for
~you suffer from nosebleeds often, particularly when we don't make you drink a glass of raw milk

Daddy and I adore you and thank God for you!  May you, our little budding artist, use all of your gifts for God's glory and may you grow in your affection and awe of The Creator!

I love you, Saraina Elisabeth!


Cara said...

I remember holding a newborn Saraina in your condo in Frederick and marveling over that lovely hair! (Could we borrow some for Esme?) Happy birthday, lovely little lady! Thanks for bringing your family so much joy!

Team Whitney said...

Saraina, you are a beautiful creation of God and we are so thankful for you.

You are so very loved.

Uncle Freeman, Aunt Jenny, Hamilton and Veronica