Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our Autumn Glory Turns One

October 5, 2010

To my sweet little Glo Baby,

Happy First Birthday!

Well, so many things to recall so that I do not forget God's kindness to me in allowing me to give birth to you and to be your Mama!

As the fifth child, I am amazed at how different you are from your siblings!  Yes, truly God has handcrafted each of you to fulfill yet-to-be-determined purposes.  You are so different that Daddy and I LAUGH in amazement that you are truly the one and only little Autumn Glory!

Like that gorgeous tree that God made, you were designed to bring Him glory.  And how blessed I am to experience a bit of His marvelous design in watching you grow, learn, change, interact, and even sleep.

So, what makes you such a unique WhitneyKiddo?  Here's a  little list:

~ you have no desire to stand which means you are FAR from walking
~ you scream with such a range of sound in your voice you startle us, esp. the deep growl which always gets our attention (though we try not to laugh!)
~ you are the best eater we've had, meaning you will eat whatever we give you (even chunks of liver!) and eat a significant amount of it.  In fact, you've never had "baby food", i.e. store-brought baby food which may be one reason for your good attitude toward food
~ you are still nursing and are showing no signs of being done
~ you have a blast and remain totally content when your siblings (twice a day, before lunch and before dinner) pull you in the wagon outside
~ you move around but only by a strange-to-us slither

Of course, you are still a WhitneyKiddo!  Here's a little list for that:

~ you have lovely, wild hair
~ you like being around fire with Daddy outside
~ you love music and are quite the groover
~ you've got those dark eyes that smile
~ you're just a little peanut of a gal, a lightweight indeed
~ you don't go to the doctor so we have no "official" numbers on you
~ one of your favorite foods has OATS as the main ingredient
~ you go to bed early... but also rise early

One of my favorite things to see you do is dance!  I'm going to attempt to upload a video showing how you groove.  In case it doesn't work, you put your head down and shake it all around.  Oh, I love watching you do that!

And, precious Autumn Glory, I look forward to watching (and listening too!) much, much more as you grow into the special girl that God has created you to be... for His glory!  Yes, Autumn, the wonderful changes, the amazing colors, the way nature is affected, the cool weather and warm clothes... is one of my favorites... and all opportunities to bring the Creator glory, much glory...

I love you, sweet girl!


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Team Whitney said...

Sweet, sweet Autumn. You are a beautiful little girl!