Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our Questioner

Wasn't planning on blogging tonight but I so don't want to forget this.  My heart is just overflowing with praise to the Lord as I see evidence of God at work in Joshua.

Joshua stays up later than the others.  We've got a special thing where once you hit the big age of 5 years old, you get to stay up till 8:00pm (sometimes later when the conversations get real good!).  Right now, it's just Joshua who gets to enjoy this special privilege.

This evening as Joshua was getting his devotional book out for us to read to him, he stops, turns to me and says, "Mommy, do ever wonder why God made you?  Do you ever want to be dead more than you want to be alive?"

Lord, thank You for Joshua.  Thank You for how You made his mind.  Thank You that he asks us these types of questions and desires to know You more.  Equip William and I to know exactly how to respond to him and point him all the more to You.

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Team Whitney said...

Wow! Deep thoughts...thank you for sharing.