Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Here they are.  The Whitney Kiddos in age order.  And come April 2011, we hope to add to this group of crazy kiddos.

Brief update...

Joshua - almost 6 y.o., enjoys bike riding, building structures that require bricks and poles, asking questions that require an internet search for me to answer, needs a badge because he thinks he's in authority over his siblings, and I love having one-on-one time with him once the others go to bed so I can hear more about what wonderfully interesting things go through his head!

Saraina - almost 5 y.o., enjoys writing, reading, has a high tolerance for pain, remains our songbird, is the peacemaker, and is just an absolute pleasure to be around as she often thinks of others over herself and is quick to give so that her sibling can receive!

Kadin - 3.5 y.o., enjoys playing with trains, killing bugs, is passionate about everything he does, must be a drummer one day, and I often forget how little he still is when his little strong body cuddles up and receives and offers affection!

Paloma -2 y.o., unbelievably strong vocal cords, loves singing and dancing, adores being a big sister, can hang with the boys or the girls, and is just the littlest thing that packs such a powerful punch as she bellows her giddy giggle out and words that are still covered in babytalk!

Autumn - almost 1 y.o., often said to look like Kadin but looks just like the girls baby pictures, beginning to crawl (finally!), outstanding eater, learning to sleep through the night, does the cutest things with her tongue and eyes, and I love nursing her and having her stop, look up into my eyes and giggle with a sweet grin on her face!  I can't believe she'll be ONE in October!?!?!


Team Whitney said...

Oh, we love them so much. They are each so so precious!

Nikki Williams said...

Hey Kia! Your kids are too cute. They are growing up so fast. Hope everything is well out there in the mid west.