Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Five

If only we had unlimited access to a photographer to capture the many funny moments... and not so funny moments over here on the corner.  Maybe we will be the stars to some reality show one day and the kiddos will have an endless supply of footage to recall their wacky childhood!  Er... or maybe not.

Well, at any rate, here are some pictures of life in our world...
Joshua's first time holding Autumn in a picture.

The kiddos playing in the backyard.  I love Saraina's fashion sense!  
And, of course, Miss Personality Paloma with the hat on.

This was me just before taking the kiddos to church.  
Pops was playing on the worship team this morning so I tried 
to be ambitious and snap a picture before bringing the crew to church.  
Didn't work!  Paloma was distraught because she had to sit still.  
Saraina-bug was angry because I made her wear a sweater.  
Kadin was very joyful though!  And Joshua... always the curious one.  
Oh- and AGW... chillin'!

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