Friday, February 26, 2010

The Joy of Reading

Our homeschool has been very "off" lately. With Pops having a hernia, multiple night meetings the past few weeks and Autumn up every hour or every other hour at night have compounded our normal chaotic busy weeks.

I've failed in my prayer challenge and have had some "low" moments thinking, "I just can't _____!" And if it had not been for the grace of God, I wouldn't be able to stand. Yes, among other graces, His Word has definitely sustained and held and strenghtened me.

One thing I have done more of this week is read to the kiddos. What a joy! I mean, I'll always read something to them in the course of a day. But this week we've been reading a lot more. And I love it!

And they do too!  See them enjoying books on their own?!

And even Paloma gets excited about it!And if you're interested in books we are enjoying, check out our TWK Book Recs page!

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Team Whitney said...

Isn't it precious when they read? I see that you've rearranged that school/front room again. I like it.

Love you guys!