Friday, January 29, 2010

A Challenge for the Wives

Soooo... the month of February is almost here and it is the month of L-O-V-E, right? Well, any wives out there ready to join me (and a small growing group of some of my dear friends!) with praying for our husbands during the month of February? What better to communicate LOVE for our husbands than through prayer?

Come on, now! You KNOW you can stand to pray MORE for your hubby!

So, if you're wanting to join me and some friends as we seek to lift our precious husbands up to the One who can do all things and takes our weak, small efforts uses them for His glory, go HERE. (FYI, I got this idea from the Passionate Homemaker though I've taken this challenge before. Thanks, PH, for reminding me of this excellent resource!)

Oh- one more thing. A sweet friend shared the prayer challenge with her hubby and he was able to add more specific things he could use her intercession on! What an idea! Ask your hubby if there are specific ways you can pray for him and add those to your list!

Finally, for those who care, beginning February 1st I'm starting a new blog (I know, roll those eyes along with me!) so that THIS blog is more focused. This blog will only be pictures, words, and video clips of my adorable kiddos - or things that involve them in some way. This new blog will be more of what this one has turned into - personal reflections, random updates, and news on all the weird stuff us Whitneys are into. Hopefully I'll finish my 1000 gifts blog one day, too.

Now, post those comments (or email me) letting me know you're up for taking up the 30-day prayer challenge!


Team Whitney said...

I'm there--thanks for the idea!

Misha Seger said...

Hi Kia, I am a fellow sovereign grace member. I know I haven't had the chance to meet you in person - I think I saw your blog from another lady's blog from church, and found your reflections to be so encouraging and Christ exalting. Hopefully its not to creepy to know that a stranger has been reading your posts :) Any way, I looked at the prayer challenge and I am in! What a great idea - yet again, here I am encouraged by your example of biblical "wife-hood" Thanks! And one of these days I will have to catch you at church.