Friday, January 29, 2010

A Challenge for the Wives

Soooo... the month of February is almost here and it is the month of L-O-V-E, right? Well, any wives out there ready to join me (and a small growing group of some of my dear friends!) with praying for our husbands during the month of February? What better to communicate LOVE for our husbands than through prayer?

Come on, now! You KNOW you can stand to pray MORE for your hubby!

So, if you're wanting to join me and some friends as we seek to lift our precious husbands up to the One who can do all things and takes our weak, small efforts uses them for His glory, go HERE. (FYI, I got this idea from the Passionate Homemaker though I've taken this challenge before. Thanks, PH, for reminding me of this excellent resource!)

Oh- one more thing. A sweet friend shared the prayer challenge with her hubby and he was able to add more specific things he could use her intercession on! What an idea! Ask your hubby if there are specific ways you can pray for him and add those to your list!

Finally, for those who care, beginning February 1st I'm starting a new blog (I know, roll those eyes along with me!) so that THIS blog is more focused. This blog will only be pictures, words, and video clips of my adorable kiddos - or things that involve them in some way. This new blog will be more of what this one has turned into - personal reflections, random updates, and news on all the weird stuff us Whitneys are into. Hopefully I'll finish my 1000 gifts blog one day, too.

Now, post those comments (or email me) letting me know you're up for taking up the 30-day prayer challenge!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Do You Deserve?

That's the question I need to continually ask myself.

What do I really beleive I deserve? I mean deep, deep down in my heart what is it that I truly believe I deserve?

The objective, unquestionable truth to that answer is... HELL.

Though I often forget that in the course of a day as I am faced with "challenges" and "temptations," God will open my eyes to the utter, disgusting reality of my sin... against Him.

Yet, thankfully, He doesn't keep me from the greatest news which is infinitely bigger than all my offenses against Him... He has died for me. He died the most horrible death for the sin that clings so tightly at times I feel it will overwhelm me. But that sin has NO CHANCE against God's power!

If you're interested in "my story," go here.

This blog post is more about where I am today though. I'm saved, by His mercy and grace, I'm held by His kindness and love, and I'm a work in progress!

Lord, my heart aches for those I know personally who do not have that awareness of just how sinful they are and just how much they need You, the only Savior. My heart aches as they can be as moral or upright or good as they please... but their pride... their pride is keeping them from true, lasting peace.

But, the good news is they too can "seek the LORD while He is near" (see Isaiah 55:6) for you desire ALL to see their sin and live for you (see Romans 3:23-26).

And the good news for those like me, saved but see anew their sin, we can run to Him and find mercy again and help for the race!

Thank you, Lord! You do not treat me as I deserve! Would You be as kind as to remind me even quicker of that as I serve, teach, train, engage, love my kids today? Thanks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can It Be? Kadin's THREE!

January 12, 2010

Dear Passionate Kadin David,

Kid, you are w-i-l-d! What I mean is you are wildly full of so much expression, energy, and emotion that parenting you is never dull. And now you're THREE years little, buddy! Happy, happy third birthday, my affectionate boy!

When you were being knit together in my womb, I prayed God would allow you to be a genuine companion, friend to your siblings. Well, you certainly have been that. I love to see you with "Lopa" and "Babee Autumn" and how you interact with Joshua and "Reena." True, I am often concerned with how physical you are but I know it is just because you're just a little ball of love.
As far details on who the Kadin is at this point (i.e. a few months before turning 3), you were potty trained WAAAAY easier and quicker than your big sibs, all praise to God. You can hang with Joshua and Saraina and are considered one of the "bigger ones." You're fully a talker though not many cannot understand you at this point. You are tough but have started making your spills look more intense than they really are (thanks to others in our fam who do that). You have the tightest little thighs I've ever seen and look like you're training to be a future Iron Man.

And, because you're always cracking us up, here's a short video clip of you tonight which is evidence of how crazy you are. Oh, how we love you, little guy!

Oh, Special K, use that energy for our amazing savior! May God use your passion to draw many, many souls to Him!

love, mommy