Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

We were late getting our Christmas letter out this year. Then we got the letter finished and had printer problems (ran out of ink). We also had a hard time, like every year, getting a Christmas photo of our fam. We ended up scrapping the idea to have a photo of all 7 of us in a picture.

Anyway, in case we neglected to put you on mailout list, here's our letter:

December 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days, friends and family!

Don’t you love this time of the year? Celebrating our Savior’s birth just before ending a year and preparing for a new one is a time we really try to savor. Regardless of our circumstances, our wants and needs, our haves and have nots, when we remember God’s kindness to mankind in Jesus’ birth, perfect life, painful death, and amazing resurrection, we have MUCH in which to be thankful!

As we reflect on this past year, the most exciting news for 2009 in our family was the birth of our fifth child, Autumn Glory Whitney on October 5th. She is a very peaceful, mild-tempered baby and has a great smile that pops up when you look in her eyes and talk to her. Her siblings enjoy talking to and about her. She is a real treat.

The other kiddos are quite a lively group. Joshua (5), Saraina (4), Kadin (almost 3) and Paloma (1 ½) are growing as one would expect. They say and do very cute things which we try to treasure up in our hearts. They also do very annoying things which remind us of our and their need for the Savior. By His grace they are learning about God and His Word. We see God’s grace in their lives in how they relate to one another and their desire to know God. They are truly a blessing and we count ourselves privileged to be their parents!

Joshua will begin the real-deal kindergarten in January via our Wisdom 356 Homeschool. We can’t tell who’s more excited, Joshua or Mommy. Saraina will continue her training in princessness as she twirls and plays dress-up. She has a remarkable ability to mock imitate others. Kadin is full of zeal! His passion has him well-known and well-loved by many! Our little dove, Paloma, is just as adorable as can be and beginning to use words to communicate. She loves talking about food and babies.

As for us big kiddos, we celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage in November. Wow, it has gone quickly! We have realized we are a bit strange but boring people and like it that way. We enjoy doing atypical things like planting cornstalks in the middle of our backyard and bolting a swing to the header in our foyer so the kids can swing indoors on inclement days. We are thankful to God for He has blessed us far more than we deserve.

Living in Aurora in our big old white house is a good time. All of our neighbors seem to have disappeared and the homes are vacant, so if anyone is looking for a home…come on over. We’re the white house on the corner with the wood fence. We can’t promise a clean home but we are certain you will find something in which to make you laugh!

May our Savior’s birth be more precious to you this Christmas!

~the whitneys (William, Kia, Joshua, Saraina, Kadin, Paloma, and Autumn

And here are some pics of the kiddos...

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Cheryl said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We often think of and pray for you.