Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Letter to My Five Year Old

November 24, 2009

Dear Joshua Caleb,

Happy 5th birthday to you, son! FIVE years old! Big stuff!

Since you're the oldest, you know the drill. Mommy likes to write you kiddos birthday letters (especially since I'll never complete another Baby Book again. Actually, did I ever finish yours?). But, I'm switching things up on you. This round I'm simply going to share one story of how I know God is at work in you. Listen up.

The other day I got a glimpse of just how much God is at work, wooing you to come to His Son, Jesus. Remember the M&M day? I'll remind you.

I walked into the room and caught you, red-handed, sneaking M&Ms from the candy dish. I was so hurt I couldn't even find the words to say to you. I shook my head and walked into the kitchen. You quickly came after me and asked me what you should do with the M&M still in your hand. I shrugged and said, "Whatever."

But this is where I saw God at work! You threw the M&M's away and broke out into deep sobbing! Immediately I knew you were really crying. After a few minutes of me holding you I asked you why you were crying. You said, "Because I'm sad."

Not expecting much of an answer from you, I was shocked when you told me, "Because I disobeyed!" Again, more sobbing.

Why do I share that? Because my greatest prayer for you (and all your siblings too) is to see your sin and to turn from it as you put your trust in Jesus! Oh there is NOTHING better than Jesus!

So, I am more aware of God's hand on your life and your heart and mind beginning to understand how corrupt it is and how you desperately need the Savior. In fact, it's only been days since the M&M incident but I continue to see your heart softening as you confess your sin and grow in sorrowfulness.

Thank you for being so teachable. Thank you for listening so closely during out Circle Times. Thank you for asking such thoughtful questions. I believe those traits will serve you well in your lifetime.

Happy Birthday, my son. How I love you and thank God for you. I love being your Mommy!


Waitsfam said...

Dear Joshua Caleb, We love you so much and are so proud of you. Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Love, Uncle Tim, Aunt Cristina, and cousins Emily and Allison

Team Whitney said...

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

We love you,

Freeman, Jenny, and "macaroni and cheese boy"