Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eight Years of Marriage

Oh my Papa-son!

As I write this you're at an annual meeting for one of your properties. I just got all the kiddos down and though there are million things I want to get done before you get home tonight I MUST stop and publicly acknowledge our Eighth Anniversary!

Last night we had a good time going through our wedding scrapbook. As we read it aloud side by side on our couch we laughed SO hard seeing how utterly foolish and out of our minds we were! Can you believe it took us EIGHT years to see that your mother's name was misspelled in the wedding program!? And to think we gave people only around 2 weeks to RSVP! What laughs we probably provided for so many who attended the wedding! We were so young and clueless! It is humbling to see a bit of who we were not that long ago.

But, praise God, He did not leave us like we were then! Granted, I wouldn't mind fitting into a size 4 again, I thank God He knew just what we were doing back then and has kindly worked it out for our good and His glory. Only God could write a story like ours. I still marvel that I'm married to a white guy (who deep down thinks he's black) and that we have five children. When did that happen?

Here we are, much heavier and wider than we once were... We are laughing more, kissing more, going to one another for help more, talking and listening more, encouraging one another more, seeking forgiveness and covering offenses more. Do you remember reading and talking about The Prayer of Jabez? I think you read it first and gave me the book, maybe? Anyway, God certainly has "expanded" our "territory," eh? Yes, the boundary "lines have fallen for [us] in pleasant places."

What's my conclusion? There is NO place on earth I'd rather be than by your side, my prince. Everything is sweeter when I experience it with you for you help me see just how marvelous He is!

Thank you for learning that Babyface song and proposing to me eight years and five weeks ago! God is so good to me!

I love you, Hby!

P.S. Have I told you today that I think you're sexy?


Team Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary, you two!

Jerusha said...

The other night we were out with Dabbs and somehow got on the subject of the Whitney's. We had some great laughs talking about- hair chad and cottonballs. We talked about how PERFECT Kia is for William and we all ended saying how much we miss you and how you can never be replaced. Happy Anniversary!

Cara said...

Ditto to Jerusha's last two sentences!

Kia, this is one of my favorite Whitney blog posts ever. Thanks for honoring your hubby publicly--it's a joy to glimpse your delight in God's work and in one another!