Thursday, October 01, 2009

Words to Remember

Our house gets cold quickly. We have zero insulation! (Seriously, William has drilled some holes through the wall from outside and there's nothing there!) All that means is we dress much warmer inside than many folks do walking past our house.

This morning we all had our robes on because it was so cold. The kids wanted Paloma to wear a robe so I got out cousin Celeste's old red robe which has been worn by each of the bigger ones at some point. The size on the label reads 4T so you know our skinny-minny Loma was drowning in it! I rolled the sleeves up and bunched it up so she could walk without tripping. She got a kick out of us laughing at her tote her little but padded self around. (She had the enormous robe on as well as an enormous heiny thanks to a cloth diaper!)

We're laughing watching Paloma and Joshua smiles and says,

"She looks like a prophet in that big robe!"

Then Saraina and Kadin laugh in agreement and keep saying it over and over. (Not sure they even knew what they were laughing about!)

Oh, Joshua! No one else may think that is funny but it so tickles me. Definitely words for this Mama to remember...

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Anonymous said...

Hope all is well. Just read some of your blogs. I see your expecting soon. Me too! I'm 32 weeks today. Funny how we'll have 2 kids born around the same time :)