Saturday, October 10, 2009

Introducing Autumn Glory!

Meet our Autumn...

For from him and through him and to him are all things.
To him be glory forever. Amen.
-Romans 11:36

This is one of the verses I've been meditating on leading up to and now after little Autumn's birth. Everything is all about Him. Not me.

If you read my husband's take on Autumn's birth, you probably got a sense of the excitement we felt on Monday. But shortly after posting that we found out Autumn Glory had to be admitted to the NICU.

It could be a long story but the short of it is:
- Autumn's B+ and I'm O+ and there was an A/B/O incompatibility. She tested Coombs positive.
- Autumn became jaundiced as a result of the incompatibility and required phototherapy.
- Her bili rubin levels (related to jaundice) finally declined and they were able to end the phototherapy and stop her IV Friday.
- She came home today but will still need to have some follow-up appts to check her hemoglobin count as she could still need a blood exchange due to the incompatibility.

This experience has helped me see a bit more of how all things works together for His great glory. Though we have limited vision and often don't see accurately, He sees and knows everything and He will receive the glory. And in His great kindness He has allowed this experience to be used for my good as well! Oh what a King! Oh what a marvelous Maker and Sustainer!

So, today, we are rejoicing in God's glory for we see more of His sovereignty, His perfect care and provision, His strength, His awesome power to save, His love.

Lord, You are over all and through all and all things are held together by You. You reign! Your ways are not ours. We exist for Your glory. Receive the glory! Receive the glory!

And now for some pictures!

Me taking a break from walking the halls. (By the way, you wouldn't believe the comments we got just walking the labor and delivery hallways! People say some of the most unhelpful, stupid things to people! Our favorite was, "Don't wear yourself out!" followed by "Looks like you're walking your way into labor!" But, we can't forget, "You're walking too quick to be in labor.")
The labor just about killed me but I think it made my recovery even quicker than my previous ones. Plus, this little baby girl was worth it ten times over!
A short 4 hours after welcoming her arrival we saw our little gal like this. Bili lights shining, goggles on, and that IV on her right hand/arm.
Don't you love those smiles newborns flash? I can't help but think of that passage that says something about the secret things of God. I like to think God is speaking to little babies, drawing their hearts to Him.

I love this picture of my man singing to God. This captures his heart of worship as he led the kiddos in songs of celebration and thanks to God for bringing Autumn home.The kids so love their "newborn baby" sister. Saraina keeps calling her "the newborn baby." The boys (thanks to Daddy) are already talking about needing another boy since they are outnumbered by girls.
Little Paloma's hand carassing her baby sister's head. (Note: this looks tender but Paloma is a bit stubborn and had to be kept from hurting Autumn!)
Joshua is such a wonderful big brother. It is amazing the things he does all without being asked or prompted. That coupled with his tenderness and care make my heart swell with thanksgiving!

Kadin has been the most timid with Autumn. He talks about her a lot but kinda keep his distance. He certainly keeps tabs on Lady Loma though. He alerts us on her whereabouts as she approaches Autumn.


judi said...

She's beautiful, just as all your children are! So thankful that things are going well. And Happy Birthday Kia! Hope you are having a great day and getting lots of rest. :) Love ya!

Jen S said...

What wonderful news!! And once again, you guys have picked the most beautiful name for this beautiful baby! So wish we were closer and could meet her in person. We'll be praying for you all. Lots of love, the Schaefers

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl! It's so fun to see the other kiddos' faces when they're looking at her!

Katie said...

Kia, I haven't heard any news about Autumn's health. Is everything ok with the possible blood issues and all that? Is she out of the danger for biliruben and all that business?