Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Day in the Kitchen

I was not the best Mama yesterday as I spent most of my time in the kitchen. Seriously, Paloma escaped and was chillin' upstairs alone doing something in the Clothes Room! I regret being so distant from them but just wanted/needed(?) to plow through and get as much done as I could before I had to freeze my recent meat purchases (which would've made another step later in trying to cook for post-Baby time). And I tell you, I was worn out by the end of the day!

I made an early and quick dash to the store to buy some chicken breast that was on sale only to find it not restocked for the day! Urgh! Yes, 6:30am is not the time to shop at Meijer. So I made an impromptu decision (generally not a good idea for me!) and got ~6 pounds of ground beef and ~7 pounds of pork ribs. Shortly after breakfast I cooked all the ground beef and browned all the ribs really well. Joshua came into the kitchen and asked if I was making bacon!!!

In the freezer I was able to add 2 containers of browned (not fully cooked!) ribs, four containers of cooked ground beef, 1 container cooked ground beef with onion, zucchini, & garlic, 2 big containers of a slightly altered with lots of extra veggies pizza casserole (which should have a different name as we generally don't prefer casseroles!), a batch of dough (made using the Bosch!) to be used for Dinner Rolls or Cinnamon Rolls.

Note: I used some of the dough to make the Dinner and Cinnamon Rolls last night and WOWEE! They were the BEST rolls I've ever made. And I started late in the day. The machine really, really makes a difference! Or maybe it's the recipe book that came along with it that makes the difference. Either way, Mama's happy, Papa's happy, and the kids are happy when they can still help! God is kind to us!

I'm taking a break from cooking/baking tomorrow and focusing on sorting through lots of clothing!!!!


Waitsfam said...

Wow. Great work. You're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kia to be young again. You are so creative. I wish you would send me some of you recipes. They sound so good. P.S. This is Aunt Agnese

Co-Founder and COO of Four Monkeys, Inc. said...

WOW, Kia! You are a powerhouse! As well as a TERRIFIC mama!

-maribeth u.