Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress Being Made

Because of God's kindness, progress is being made on the Baby #5 Preparedness List!

My (sexy) husband moved lots of furniture before and after work and I got lots of baking done Friday. We were busy. As a result, I've got whole wheat rolls, zucchini brownies, and zucchini bread all frozen and ready for post-baby time. And the girls love their new girly room while the boys are thrilled with their new space as well.

Here's a look at what things are looking like. Much more still to go though!

This is the boy room. We separated the bunkbeds. (I was always too short to change the top bunk easily.) This will be much easier!
This is the other side of the boy room showing Kadin's bed.And this is showing Joshua's bed, the bookshelf I moved from the Schoolroom and a desk formerly in the guest room.
See the zucchini brownies, rolls, and zucchini bread I made? I doubled the rolls recipe and made hamburger and hot dog rolls to go with our dinner Friday. I made them with the kids help and William said to me, "They taste better then they look!" I clearly need some practice in making hot dog bun shapes!

Oh- and I got this new mixer which will greatly help me in my preparations! Yes, a brand new Bosch Universal Mixer! I've wanted one for a couple of years now and thanks to an unexpected (and undeserved) monetary gift I was able to get it. William and I are a bit unsure how our nob and tube wiring will hold up though. This monster has an 800 W motor! Isn't it a beauty! I haven't used it yet (and won't till my kitchen is a bit more orderly) but I'll let you know how I like it! (picture below from

Bosch Universal Plus 250op 3_bl.jpg

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