Friday, August 21, 2009

My (Practical and Wishful) Baby #5 Preparedness Countdown List

Since BLee (our old housemate) has moved on to bigger and better things (i.e. preparing for marriage!) and our guest run has ended (shout-out to Aunt Beryl and cousin Krystle who left on Tuesday), it's time to get serious with preparations.

William has already graciously worked with my crazy spur of the moment plans that come to me at 1 am during potty runs. Last night he worked fast and furiously to help me complete the room changes upstairs before bedtime. It was a tense, loud time and I doubted the wisdom in my idea. But, God, in His kindness, granted us the grace necessary to get the major things done.

In fact, at bedtime last night, as we all sat in the new girls room singing the Gospel Song and praying, I was so affected by the Lord's unbelievable generosity. I remember thinking, "O Lord, help me to remember this sweet moment!" I can't quite explain in words why it was extra sweet to me. Some of it has to do with seeing Paloma in her Daddy's arms as we were singing. Some of it has to do with remembering Kadin 2.5 years ago sleeping in our closet back in our condo never imagining a boys room and a girls room. Some of it has to do with seeing Joshua and Saraina hold hands. Some of it has to do with hearing the voices of my kids singing together with us.

But there is more work to get done! Wanna know what's on my (Practical and Wishful) Baby #5 Preparedness Countdown? Take a look! Please send me ANY tips you have!

Freezer stocked

Pantry stocked

Weekly needs (dairy, fruits/veggies) list created

Advent season planned

Boy room set-up

Girl room set-up

Nursery/Guest room set-up

Full bathroom thoroughly cleaned and organized

All ceiling cobwebs removed

Windows washed

Kitchen cabinets cleaned (inside and outside)

Kitchen organized (cabinets, microwave cart, refrigerator)

Add shelving in kitchen

Schoolroom bookshelves organized

Winter clothes - assessment and purchases

Update storage tubs

Newborn items freshly washed

Newborn/size 1 diapers stocked

Paloma's diapers (size 3 & some 4) stocked

Baby wipes stocked

Christmas gifts purchased

Fall and winter bday gifts purchased

Curtains in Office installed

Paint girls’ room

Curtains in girls’ room

Kadin potty trained completed

Bench for dining room table

Family picture (boys, girls, kiddos, Daddy/Mommy)

Kiddos trained in doing chores with minimal assistance

Circle Time planned through Thanksgiving

Wood floors cleaned at least once

Purchase a Bosch mixer

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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me???!! You make my wedding to-do list look like a piece of cake! Kia, you never cease to amaze me! :)