Monday, August 31, 2009

Grace Abounding, Steps of Progress

With the girls and boys separated and happy in their respective rooms, I've been furiously working as quick as I can to get the kitchen in some sort of order. A friend offered a brilliant idea - add shelving to the kitchen! Yes! But how?

I checked online (using Swagbucks, of course, and landed another $5 Amazon gift card!) and it seemed a Baker's Rack was my best option. But they were expensive. Or at least I was not willing to pay what they were asking for what I wanted.

It was time to turn to good old Craigslist! And guess what we found? This sideboard:

It's a HEAVY sideboard. It's a bit banged up and slightly special looking so it is completely our style! One day (i.e. when Joshua's big enough to help Daddy carry it outside) we'll paint it and make her look all prettyfied. (I know. It's not a real word!) Until then it is completely functional and a huge blessing! I'm using it as my pantry for the most part but since it has silverware drawers and all, I've been able to move my serving utensils in it as well as some other hard to stash stuff like my crockpot and waffle iron. I'll probably reorganize about three more times but for now I'm satisfied.

The other addition we purchased from Craigslist is a shoe cabinet. This was another one of those poorly measured pieces that only fit by God's grace as the measurement given were not very accurate. I was thinking I'd have room along one side to still hang some of our coats. Nope! But it's big and I think it will greatly help our shoe dilemma. Oh, here's a picture of it:

And the other evening just before bedtime I was able to fire up the Bosch for the first time to make a big double batch of Chocolate Zucchini Cookies! Oooo... is it so nice! Joshua helped me by shredding zucchini. He does quite a good job! Every day he tells me he wants to shred more! Here he is hard at work:

Maybe one day I will get the food processor attachment for the Bosch... On second thought, why would I do that when I've got such good help!?

And the other night I was short on time and needed a fast, semi-healthy dinner since Daddy was going to be home. (I often make noodles with parmesan cheese or fish sticks or chicken nuggets or something kid-appealing when Daddy has lots of meetings.) I didn't take anything out of the freezer and my kitchen was still a wreck so my options seemed slim. But then I remembered a recipe I had printed out and was looking forward to trying...

Well, that's not really what they are called but that's what Papa-Bear calls them. I got the recipe from Laura at I made a few minor adjustments but I hate following directions. Plus, I don't have the healthy sugar she uses. One day, perhaps! (And if you visit her blog, check out her other recipes! She's got one for homemade vanilla extract that I so want to do one day!!!)

I made a double batch of these Muffin Dogs but we ate them to quickly. I'll have to look out for a good hot dog sale!!!

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Co-Founder and COO of Four Monkeys, Inc. said...

Those MuffinDogs look to be RIGHT up Gus & Mattson's alley! You want me to price out hotdogs @ Costco for you?

Have you ever done anything with vanilla bean? If you drop a few of them into a container of sugar (& let them rest for awhile) you'll have vanilla sugar for your coffee/tea! YUMMY!