Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Give Me Your Thoughts!

I am a bit afraid of the comments or emails I'll get with this post but I realize 2 things: 1) I don't know everything and 2) I need the help of others.

So, here goes. I am considering using cloth diapers again.

There. It's out there.

Here's why.

1) We will have FIVE children in some sort of disposable product, at least for nighttime. That's pricey.

2) Pull-ups/disposable training pants just don't work for us. We still have to change/wash sheets (i.e. more laundry) and then either put the kid back into another pull-up or diaper. Again, more $$$.

3) We did it when Joshua was a newborn and it wasn't terrible. Of course, we stopped shortly after introducing solid foods. I think we'd be a it different this round and our parenting has changed a lot!

4) We experience running out of diapers or wipes and that is a terrible position to be in. (Thankfully, I do have an assortment of sizes and types which "get me through."

5) I HAVE to do laundry daily or every other day or someone is without a necessary item of clothing. Again, much of this is due to "accidents."

So, give it to me! What's your counsel? Have you cloth diapered your kiddos? What your take on doing it with multiple kiddos? How much do you think the initial investment should be (I got rid of my old stash after storing them for a couple of years.)? My hubby thinks I'm crazy to even consider switching but admits it wasn't terrible during those newborn days with Joshua. Plus, when I told him that on average, it costs $1K per year to use disposables. Multiply that by five! Even if we only spent HALF of that (from couponing and deal finding), it's a lot more than we want to "throw out!"

Oh- and I suppose I should tell you my initial game plan IF I go ahead with this:
~ cloth for Baby #5 (and possibly PJ, if she fits the same size as the newborn range, which is very likely!) except when we are out and about
~ possibly cloth nighttime training pants for J and S


Jerusha said...

As you know I used them for a time. I liked using them and didn't find it all that difficult but when life got crazy (lots of illness) in Nov I stopped I haven't gone back yet. I ran out of diapers once and used the ones I have but found that I was having to change diapers a lot more because they just simply do not hold as much (especially for older kids who have more pee than a baby). So I might go back but I haven't decided yet.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great idea. I did it with Beverly Jay and I had less diaper rashes.

Co-Founder and COO of Four Monkeys, Inc. said...

We never tried cloth diapers. We did try overpriced "hybrids" for Gus (you know GBaby diapers?) and he had a TERRIBLE rash that we couldn't heal. I scrapped those things ASAP. (Sold it all on ebay!)

I'm frightened by the amount of money you've calculated! Especially since we've currently got 3 in diapers these days.

I have no wise counsel for you, I'm afraid. I'm going to a "Potty Training boot camp style" lecture this evening. That's my answer to getting Mattson out of diapers! :)

Good luck!

P.S. Is there anything I can do to serve you these days? PLEASE let me know! I can always buy cloth diapers! hehehe!