Thursday, July 02, 2009

Quick Update on Saraina

Yesterday morning the rash pretty much went away. This morning there is a faint trace of a rash on her upper torso and hips but it continues to be on the decline. And it continues to not bother her. From a friend's suggestion, I gave her one dose of Benedryl and so I'm wondering if that was the "help" she needed to fight whatever this rash is/was. Another friend, a former nurse, shared I'd want to find out if she does in fact have an allergy to iodine as that could mean a shellfish allergy too.

I also called the ER this morning and requested for them to release the results to me as our doctor's office will be closed tomorrow. The Charge Nurse I spoke with was very understanding and told me to call back later this afternoon. Praying the next Charge Nurse will be as understanding and willing to look for and release that information.

Because the rash has pretty much gone away, we cancelled Saraina's doctor appointment scheduled for this morning. There is not much for them to see/check and the doctor was unavailable anyway and the results wouldn't be in as of the time of the appointment. She will have a follow-up appointment with the Surgeon next week most likely.


Team Whitney said...

Hope you are able to get those results today. Sweet Saraina!

sarah k said...

I am praying for your little girlie. What a strange combination of things to have to try to figure out! I was thinking it would be odd if she had a shellfish allergy and it hadn't already shown up in testing, but then I remembered that they don't normally test for shellfish unless you have reason to suspect it--at least that's my understanding. Hope you got those results!