Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Indiana Sand Dunes

After church on Sunday Papa Whitney came up with the idea of putting the kiddos in the minivan for a nap and driving to the Indiana Sand Dunes, the place of our first date almost eight years ago! So, after a mad dash to get swim suits on, snacks packed and beach toys stashed in the minivan, we hit the road.

To my surprise, the kiddos did GREAT! Joshua loved playing in the lake (although he still kept calling it the Jordan River!). Saraina was timid in the water but enjoyed the sand thoroughly. Kadin wasn't interested in the water but had a GRAND time with the sand. And... our almost one year old Sweet Pea hated the cold water but was FEARLESS in the sand! A handful of times I had to moved her back to our spot as she had no problem crawling away to do her own thing. But I think Papa had more fun than even the kiddos! What a blessing watching my husband play with our children in the water. We will be going back there again, Lord-willing!

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Team Whitney said...

What a great idea! You guys look like you are having a blast.