Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Few Highlights of the Kiddos

Blogging has been tough lately. Certainly not a top priority. Though seeing how often this is the only opportunity for distant fam and friends to know how we're doing, I really want to make it more regular. Not sure if that will really happen but I do desire that! The other reason I like desire to update this blog fairly regularly is because my days of scrapbooking are in the past! I have NO time for that! Poor Paloma never had a picture developed till recently! And the picture isn't even displayed.

But the purpose of this entry is not to go on and on about how infrequently I blog! It's to share a few pics of what the kiddos have enjoyed lately.

First, Kadin seemed to have a grand time (or was it borderline frustration!) eating pizza when the grandparents treated us to a little bday outing at a local pizza place. Kadin really seemed obsessed using the plastic knife to cut (or destroy) his pizza in little pieces.
Joshua and Saraina had a blast going to ANOTHER Cubs' game with Granddad. Oh, and Daddy went along for the ride too. Let's be real though. This is all about time and memories with the grandkids, right? The two bigger kiddos look like they didn't mind the extra TLC one bit!
Our newest toddler is... all over the place and LOUD. To the Papa and I, this picture captures what she;s all about! Look at those eyes and that smile. Does she look like she's got something on her mind or what!?
And the bigger two were also able to go camping for the first time last weekend. I was surprised but they LOVED it. Playing in sand, throwing twigs in a big fire, fishing... they came home filthy and exhausted. Isn't that always a sign of a great trip?

Lots of good (but tiring) fun!

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Team Whitney said...

What a bunch of sweet children!