Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Recommendation

Both of my sister-in-laws are writers. Actually, I have a brother-in-law who is a writer too! I blog but they know how to write. I've recommended my brother-in-law's writing to you already. Remember THIS?

Well, today I give a plug for one of my sister-in-laws, Jenny, and her recent guest post over at the Money Saving Mom's blog. Why? Because she shares something very dear to my heart, stewarding God's money. Can you grow in this area? I sure need to and want to. Can't we all?

So, check out Jenny's thoughts as she shares her experience using cashola. She just might spur you on to think differently about your money!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop the Abortion Mandate

This information is too important to not share.

Last night I listened with over 36,000 Americans who agree that taxpayers should NOT pay for abortion. While everyone can agree with the President that healthcare as it now exists must be changed, I agree with the majority of Americans when I say the new healthcare plan should not fund abortions.

Funding racist Planned Parenthood is unacceptable. Planned Parenthood receives money from the government that should go to help struggling homeowners, struggling schools, struggling families, any number of areas that need genuine assistance. We're talking more than $350 million worth of taxpayer money!

Think my statement about Planned Parenthood is too strong? Read THIS about Planned Parenthood's Founder, Margaret Sanger. Then go HERE to see a trailer for a new movie that I can't wait to see. Click on "Trailer" to see it.

Finally, do not stay silent about this. The proposed healthcare plan cannot go forth WITHOUT a specific abortion exclusion. If it does go through as is abortion will be greatly expanded and we will all be paying for this federally mandated "essential benefit."

Please go to www.StopTheAbortionMandate.com/call to act! This is time sensitive. Do it today!

O God! Have mercy on our country! Though many may not value life at every stage, You, the Creator of every life, do! Would You help us all to see just how we can make a difference by speaking Truth, by praying, by calling our elected officials. Grant us the time, ability, and desire to act for Your glory!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Few Highlights of the Kiddos

Blogging has been tough lately. Certainly not a top priority. Though seeing how often this is the only opportunity for distant fam and friends to know how we're doing, I really want to make it more regular. Not sure if that will really happen but I do desire that! The other reason I like desire to update this blog fairly regularly is because my days of scrapbooking are in the past! I have NO time for that! Poor Paloma never had a picture developed till recently! And the picture isn't even displayed.

But the purpose of this entry is not to go on and on about how infrequently I blog! It's to share a few pics of what the kiddos have enjoyed lately.

First, Kadin seemed to have a grand time (or was it borderline frustration!) eating pizza when the grandparents treated us to a little bday outing at a local pizza place. Kadin really seemed obsessed using the plastic knife to cut (or destroy) his pizza in little pieces.
Joshua and Saraina had a blast going to ANOTHER Cubs' game with Granddad. Oh, and Daddy went along for the ride too. Let's be real though. This is all about time and memories with the grandkids, right? The two bigger kiddos look like they didn't mind the extra TLC one bit!
Our newest toddler is... all over the place and LOUD. To the Papa and I, this picture captures what she;s all about! Look at those eyes and that smile. Does she look like she's got something on her mind or what!?
And the bigger two were also able to go camping for the first time last weekend. I was surprised but they LOVED it. Playing in sand, throwing twigs in a big fire, fishing... they came home filthy and exhausted. Isn't that always a sign of a great trip?

Lots of good (but tiring) fun!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kadin at Naptime

To my surprise, Kadin took a nap this afternoon... and without me having to discipline him. That is not something that happens often.

So, when I found him like you see in the picture below, I was even more shocked.

O Krazy K! I love you, my strong boy!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paloma Joy!!!!!

July 9, 2009

My Little Sweet Pea,

Happy 1st Birthday, PJ! You are such a blessing from God and a child I treasure mothering. Daddy and I truly believe this year went by extra fast - the memory of your birth is so vivid in our hearts and minds.

You had your big doctor appointment yesterday and seem to have a bit of the skepticism of both your parents. Though you didn't cry at all (of course, you didn't get any shots though!) you made it clear you did not trust the kind nurse or doctor. Thankfully you didn't smack either of them in the face and only pushed their medical instruments away. You are FIESTY indeed. I wonder if your great, great-grandmother, Linette Carby, was like that as a child. They called her Pepper and I wouldn't be surprised if that name caught on for you as well.

Want to know your stats? You weighed in at a whooping 16 pounds and 10 ounces! You're certainly a Whitney Kiddo because your siblings never reached 20 pounds by their 1st bithday either. Your Daddy, the rebel, already turned around your carseat anyway (a few weeks ago to be honest) as we knew you'd be no where near the 20 pound marker. Oh well! You love riding like a big girl. (And Kadin loves riding beside you! That will change when Baby #5 arrives though!) As for height, you are 26.5 inches long.

What does all this mean? Supposedly, you're in the 3rd percentile for weight and 50th for height.

Some special things you do are:

~ smile with those 2 big teeth showing

~ smile letting your big cheeks hang low, especially when we come in to get you out of your crib
~ walk!!!! Okay, you take about 5 quick steps and then crash on your padded bottom! But you're the first Whitney Kiddo to do that before 12 months!
~ eat, eat, eat, and eat more noodles, peas, and strawberries
~ throw food off your highchair to get our attention
~ responding to "No, Ma'am," "No touch, Paloma," and lots of other verbal reprimands and directives.
~ suck that little dirty thumb like it's the best thing around and then use your other hand to show you are ready for Night Night or a nap
~ sleep very well
~ use a sippy cup (since you never took a bottle)
~ scream and cry LOUDLY when stranger anxiety hits (generally at church in the nursery or when Daddy and I leave on a date)
~ fight for stolen toys! I wouldn't be surprised if you end up making Kadin cry one day soon!

Other sweet things I love about you are your love of music and how your face lights up when we sing songs to the Savior. I also love that you tend to be a Mama's girl right now. I am not in a rush for that "phase" to end. I love to be with you and watch you explore, learn, and take delight in watching your siblings.

I'm excited to see you as a big sister... one day soon!

Happy, happy, 1st birthday, my Sweetie Pie, Paloma! As we prayed over a year ago when we decided on the name Paloma, may your life be characterized by the peace which passes all understanding and that comes only from the One, True God. May God continue His work in you for His glory!

I love you precious girl,

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Indiana Sand Dunes

After church on Sunday Papa Whitney came up with the idea of putting the kiddos in the minivan for a nap and driving to the Indiana Sand Dunes, the place of our first date almost eight years ago! So, after a mad dash to get swim suits on, snacks packed and beach toys stashed in the minivan, we hit the road.

To my surprise, the kiddos did GREAT! Joshua loved playing in the lake (although he still kept calling it the Jordan River!). Saraina was timid in the water but enjoyed the sand thoroughly. Kadin wasn't interested in the water but had a GRAND time with the sand. And... our almost one year old Sweet Pea hated the cold water but was FEARLESS in the sand! A handful of times I had to moved her back to our spot as she had no problem crawling away to do her own thing. But I think Papa had more fun than even the kiddos! What a blessing watching my husband play with our children in the water. We will be going back there again, Lord-willing!

The Boys Being Boys

William captured the boys playing "swords." Not sure where the idea came from but as you'll see, it involves one pursuing (guess who!) and one escaping by climbing. It's rather amusing to us!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Quick Update on Saraina

Yesterday morning the rash pretty much went away. This morning there is a faint trace of a rash on her upper torso and hips but it continues to be on the decline. And it continues to not bother her. From a friend's suggestion, I gave her one dose of Benedryl and so I'm wondering if that was the "help" she needed to fight whatever this rash is/was. Another friend, a former nurse, shared I'd want to find out if she does in fact have an allergy to iodine as that could mean a shellfish allergy too.

I also called the ER this morning and requested for them to release the results to me as our doctor's office will be closed tomorrow. The Charge Nurse I spoke with was very understanding and told me to call back later this afternoon. Praying the next Charge Nurse will be as understanding and willing to look for and release that information.

Because the rash has pretty much gone away, we cancelled Saraina's doctor appointment scheduled for this morning. There is not much for them to see/check and the doctor was unavailable anyway and the results wouldn't be in as of the time of the appointment. She will have a follow-up appointment with the Surgeon next week most likely.