Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Treasuring my Kiddos - Part 4

Like with our other children, there are many reasons I adore our little eleven month old Dovey, Paloma Joy. So, Sweet Pea, this is for you!
Paloma you are a tough little lady. Though very petite, your punch is certainly bold and vibrant. You are well versed in taking hits from your brothers (especially Special K). In fact, your recent bruise on your nose is finally healing!

I love how powerful your lungs are! I imagine the songs you'll sing to the Savior with them one day!
I love how you groove. I am filled with delight as I see you moving your little body to music. Oh, Paloma Joy, dance like David to the Lord!
At this point in your life, you LOVE oatmeal, strawberries, and noodles. You seem to not be able to digest or like regular milk so you're drinking vanilla soymilk. You enjoy pears, sunflower seed butter or almond butter sandwiches, and will eat crackers and cheerios nonstop if we let you.

You are not slowed down by grass. Daddy and I are shocked that you don't mind crawling or walking barefoot in it unlike your siblings. You also are a child that will eat it though so we have to keep watch on you.
You are not talking so much but we're not too concerned about that. You facial expressions communicate a ton!

And as you are fully weaned, I am a bit sad as don't have that quiet one-on-one time with you often. Yet, I can't be too sad as I so enjoy watching your little two-tooth self grow and change!
Lord, what a joy it is being Paloma's mommy! Thank You for this precious gift of little PJ! Help us steward this most amazing gift. Remind me often that she belongs to You. May that truth penetrate my heart and be used to have me constantly ask You what you are calling me to in mothering her. Bless all her days and may she be used in mighty ways for Your kingdom!

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Team Whitney said...

Sweet little Paloma--you are precious!