Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Treasuring my Kiddos - Part 3

My tough boy Kadin, this post is for you. You seriously crack me up!

Your facial expressions are so... animated. Your energy level can be so... explosive. Your whispers are almost inaudible and your screams pierce our ears. For as hard as you play, you love to be held and kissed! Oh, I love how affectionate you are. Everything about you reminds me that emotions are gifts from God. You are the most passionate two-year old I have ever encountered and I am excited to see how that passion grows as you get older.

I love how you run hard. I love how excited you get. I love your concern for things. I love the way you phrase things in funny ways yet speak like you're the big man on campus. I love how nothing about you is dull!

I love your independence. I love how you adore your little sister, Mony, as you call her. I love how you play so well and carry on conversations with Saraina. I love how you learn from Joshua and look up to him but want to be your own man.
I love how content you are playing alone, reading alone, eating alone, singing alone, playing the guitar alone.

Oh dear Father, thank You for Kadin David! Thank You that nothing about him is out of Your sovereignty. From his birth order to his personality to his special giftings, You have created him. Thank You for the amazing joy he brings to my heart and our family. Help William and I to encourage his passion yet direct it to things that are for his good and Your glory.


Team Whitney said...

Kadin, I think you are the one who is going to be wrestling with Hamilton in a couple of years. We love you!

Anna said...

Kadin is such a joy to watch in the walkers class!