Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scarlet Fever Anyone?

I haven't done well posting updates but I thought this worthy of sharing.

Saraina had her umbilical hernia repaired on Friday, June 26th. Then last night William took her to the ER because of a rash that developed just after the surgery. The (arrogant) doctor and (more compassionate) nurse were both very confident in giving him the diagnosis: Scarlet Fever.

There's a lot I would like to share but I seriously just want to eat a big bowl of Butter Pecan ice cream and call it a night! Would you pray for Saraina (who is feeling absolutely fine, praise God!) to be healed of this rash (whatever it is)? Also, pray for an accurate diagnosis. We're waiting for the 3-day culture to come back to tell us if she for sure has it. It's been weird and trying as she has had NO symptoms other than this mysterious rash which doesn't even itch.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Team Whitney said...

We'll be praying!