Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glorious and Mighty - the kiddos version

One of my favorite songs off the Psalms CD is Glorious and Mighty. I never really realized just how much our kiddos must enjoy it till a visit from William's folks revealed our children's love of it. They sang the song LOUDLY for Granddad and Grammy and each got their own instrument to play and lined themselves up. It tickles me how they even stand in height/age order without instruction to do so!

Although I missed their rendition for the Grands, I did capture it recently. They love singing it for the camera too! Oh, and little Paloma is behind the bigger three "locked up" for safety. But she was enjoying it as well!


andrea_jennine said...

That was darling! You've got quite the family band, there.

Waitsfam said...

We are looking forward to a live concert!
love, the waits

merrills said...

Encore, encore!! We're ready for more music videos please! Silas and Caitlyn had big smiles on their faces the whole time watching this. Miss you guys!!

Team Whitney said...

We've watched this several times...Hamilton is so in awe of his cousins!