Thursday, May 28, 2009

Treasuring my Kiddos - Part 2

My first daughter. My Saraina-bug...

You are the songstress of the house always creating a beautiful sound with your voice. You are the fearless kid who loves to say, "Oh I'm not afraid of that! Jesus is with me! Right Mommy?!" You are the girl that reads book and after book and entertains herself by pretending she's checking out books from the library. You are determined and fight fear head-on. You are always listening and always multi-tasking. You learn quickly and love to share your new-found knowledge with whoever will listen. You are polite as you play and always ask people their opinions. You know how to take fall and get back up without much drama. You are a natural encourager and your brothers most faithful cheerleader. You hug and kiss your Daddy and I (or your siblings!) with such gentle affection it melts my heart.

You are beautiful and I can't imagine my life without my biggest little girl!

Lord, what a treasure Saraina Elisabeth is! Use her to draw many hearts to Yourself. May the ways You've gifted her always be used in ways that bring You glory. Protect this sweet girl and help me to mother her with love and sensitivity and in truth.

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Team Whitney said...

Love how focused she looks on her drawing.

We love you, Saraina!