Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Treasuring my Kiddos - Part 1

Day in and day out of parenting can be... exhausting. And I often miss much of what God wants for me to see, do, and experience. So, in a small effort to remind myself what a precious gift I have in being Mommy to my kiddos, I thought I'd do a wee bit of a highlight on each of them.

Of course, I must start with my oldest, Joshua Caleb.

Oh, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua! The one who has experienced all of my mothering phases and has probably picked up my anal tendencies the most, specifically around cleanliness and safety. You are such an oldest child! There is no doubt in my mind that God has ordained you to be in positions of leadership for you excel in leading the way and making sure everyone is safe.

I love how you scream out the offenders name if someone breaks the holding hand rule crossing street. I love how you ask a string of questions to get a full understanding. I love how you are cautious in new settings and quietly observe all before fully engaging in something. I love how you enjoy helping me with just about anything. I love how you comprehend meaning and enjoy retelling what you have seen or read. I love that you have Daddy's sense of humor. I love that you want to be just like Daddy! I love that you participate in worship on your own accord. I love that you love being comforted. I love how you get a kick out of playing with Paloma and keeping her company. I love that you are very particular and that you know exactly what you like and what you don't like. I love that you extend forgiveness to me so easily and quickly. I love that God is using you to show me how to be a bit more like Him. I love you, son!

Lord, I thank You for creating Joshua and making him just as he is... with a purpose. I pray for the purposes You have created him for. Draw his little heart to Yourself. Help William and I to parent him in a way that is pleasing to You. Give us wisdom as we seek to instruct and direct him in Your ways, O God.

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Team Whitney said...

That headstand is IMPRESSIVE!

We love you Joshua!!!