Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Happy Memorial Day! Here's how we celebrated this American holiday.

First, Daddy talked to the kiddos about the meaning for this holiday. We gave thanks for our family members that have served our country. We also were privileged to have a friend of Ms. Lee's over for dinner last week who returned from Iraq in December 2008. In fact, one of Ms. Lee's sister's will be deployed early this summer leaving behind a husband and 2 year old son. So grateful for so many who have selflessly served our country so well.

After the talk Daddy led the kiddos in our annual Memorial Day Flag ceremony where he leads the kiddos marching from the garage to the front of the house with our flag. The kids each held their flag too. Kadin took it all very seriously and marched the entire time!

After lunch we loaded the kiddos up for our big Memorial Day surprise. Daddy got free tickets to see the Kane County Cougars. Fortunately, we had JUST enough tickets for our growing fam since Kadin and Paloma didn't need tickets. Unfortunately, it rained as soon as we sat down. I think we lasted through the 2nd inning and then made the long walk back to the van in the rain.

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Team Whitney said...

What a great way to celebrate. And, by the way--that first pic of Paloma made me do a double take. Her little lips are just like Saraina's!

Much love from Chicago.