Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colors for our House

We are now in search of the colors we want our house to be one day. While we're not trying to paint our house now, we are looking to determine which colors we want so that we can paint our new fence later this summer.

Can't remember what our house looks like? Here's ya go:

So, have any ideas after seeing what our house looks like? We want three colors that would lend themselves well to our typical American Four Square. Initially, we were going for the traditional white picket fence but now we're not so fond of that for our house. We're thinking we need to go B-O-L-D and vibrant. Hmmm...

Looking forward to seeing/hearing the colors others come up with so do share your thoughts!!!! As you may have guessed, I am pretty inept when it comes to decorating/style/design.

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andrea_jennine said...

There's a house in downtown Naperville that was repainted while we lived in our apartment nearby, and I would totally have stolen the colors if we had bought a house in a similar style. Your house has a very similar shape and look, so maybe you can use the colors! The house itself was painted a royal blue (a deep navy with just a hint of purple), and the trim was white and a sage-y beige. It was gorgeous! Next time I'm at the paint store, I'm totally going to pick up swatches for you! My favorite paint-color picking tool online is the one on Benjamin Moore's website.