Friday, April 17, 2009

Paloma's Nine Months Old

Our Sweet Paloma Joy turned nine months on the 9th. She's growing so quickly! Here's a brief update of what she's up to...

Paloma wakes up consistently ~5:30 or 6am and chills in her room till one of her big brothers or sister opens the doors. It usually is Kadin who then yells down stairs to Daddy and I, "Mony 'wake! Mommy! Mony 'wake!"

Mony loves to crawl everywhere and is totally on all fours! She started crawling just before she turned 9 months old.
Paloma in the picture above just had her bath so her hair looks different than it usually does.
She's still a light weight. But, not a surprise. All of ours are on the smaller side. The drs. always try to get us to supplement with formula to beef her up but we think she's doing just fine. I did just (yesterday) give her some soy milk to try to get her to drink through a cup. She has done well and so hopefully we'll be able to transition her to drink milk from a cup later this spring / early summer.
And she continues to be a great eater! William even commented on how little baby food I've purchased this round and I'm certain is has much to do with her eating regular table food early and easily. We'll have her tested around her one year bday to see if she has the peanut and egg allergy like her brothers.
And though I don't post often, I do have video clips as well. Here's one to share with you of PJ in her crib not long ago.

And here's another random clip of Paloma making sweet sounds.

Finally, here's a clip of one of our loud afternoons when Daddy is home.

Nothing special. Just real life for us! Hope you all have a sweet weekend. We're looking forward to almost 70 degrees today! Yippee!!!!


Team Whitney said...

Hamilton is loving seeing all of the action!!!

judi m said...

Man we miss you guys!!! Thanks for giving us a sweet glimpse of your awesome family, especially precious Paloma. What a sweet girl! Love you guys!