Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changes in our Home - Update with Pics

So, I mentioned in this post that I had to make some changes to survive the laundry dilemma. It's amazing how moving around furniture can make ALL the difference! What a blessing!

Okay, some pictures to share - some of these are even old as I've since made changes and will continue to do so as I find deals to complete my "vision." Below is one of the bookshelves we had in our old guest room (aka the Narnia room)
. This is where I am housing all my homeschooling materials and is the hands-off piece in the school/play room.

Oh- and we're making a magnetized chalkboard to put up on the wall to the left. That'll be my main teaching area.
This is our new office/family room. We got these two big pieces of furniture off Craigslist for free. Not fancy but it provides the storage we need. We opted to use our flat screen TV screen as our computer monitor so this is where we do computer work and watch videos. By the way, have I mentioned how we LOVE having a Mac? You can't even see our little Mini Cube it's so small!This is where most of the toys are stored. And the kids play with that dollhouse (free from friends in our Care Group!) EVERY day!
This picture shows that same toy area along with the kid bookshelf in the right corner and the Daddy-Mommy bookshelf on the left. Definitely want to move our books to the office when I find a great deal for the right bookshelf for the office!
Another view of the school/play room.
And this is another view of the office in real life during the day. Chaotic, no?

This is in the Clothes Room. This dresser used to be in our room till I needed to put the rocking chair somewhere in our room. On top of the dresser is junk in need of a home and in the big white container we're growing our veggies.
I also opted to put the changing table in the Clothes Room. This is where the kids now get dressed and undressed and changed. It going well. The blue basket on the bottom of the changing table is where I keep all the jammies, except PJ's. The kids do well getting their jammies out and putting them away.
And as you can tell, I did not choose a fancy system. My purpose was to spend as little as possible to make life as simple as possible. Each kid has 2 baskets and it goes in height order with the except of PJ again. She's the only one who doesn't select her own clothes each morning. I do think I'll have to add another shelf though as I'll need to make room for Baby #5 in the fall.
This is what our foyer looks like as I still go through clothes and try to scale down how much I hold on to and as I try to work through having multiple season's worth of clothing out due to our unpredictable weather.
Well, there's more to show but the kiddos are ALL down for a nap. A rare moment. I'm going to flat iron my hair and, God-willing, get a short nap as well! Do send you comments though. I'd love to know how other people handle the never-ending laundry deal!


Cara said...


Great post! It's really fun to see how you are reordering things there. You seem to have some great ideas. I am currently in the business of doing a massive clothes sorting and storage project. (I may post about it soon, but don't expect brilliant solutions.) Organization has never been my strength, so it's helpful to see what others do--especially when people have real, doable systems in place! Thanks for sharing!



Team Whitney said...

Thanks for the pics, Kia! Looks like you've been busy. I am glad this system is working so well for you (and that you got to nap for a bit).

Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to photograph our closet!

Much love,