Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Are NOT Animal People

It's been a weird evening. Paloma screamed at bedtime and had to cry it out which is not normal for her. She usually loves her sleep. And then I spent about an hour trying to keep Kadin in his room and on his bed. Finally done with that I come downstairs and kept wondering if I was indeed hearing a stray cat around the perimeter of our house somewhere.

BLee came home and I told her that I kept hearing a crying cat but couldn't spot it outside. She, being an animal person, opens the door to find this little kitten right outside our door on the porch wanting to come in from the rain and be fed.

I could tell immediately BLee had affections for the animal. I, on the otherhand, thought, "Lord, please let this cat be gone before William gets home!" This was one of those moments I seriously thanked God for him not owning a gun!

Well, William did get home and I got some serious laughs from watching/listening BLee speak the language of cats and William trying to shew the cats (yes, there ended up being another BIG cat along for the fun). At one point, William hisses at the cat and tries to scare them away from being perched up in the tree next to our porch. He followed the big cat down the street to make sure it did leave.

For you animal lovers out there, we love all God's creatures... just not wanting to co-habitate with them for a few reasons, 1) I'm not willing to add that expense and they do cost money, 2) I'm not interested in adding that kind of mess to our already large messes, and 3) my brain couldn't handle trying to care for a pet. Our plants are already needing attention. It would be absolutely neglectful. And did I mention my husband hates animals?

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