Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movies and Hope

Recently we saw the new movie Slumdog Millionnaire for a date night. And while I generally find it very difficult staying awake through the evening news, I watched the entire movie without a hint of dozing off.

If you have not seen it, consider checking it out. It's not a warm and fuzzy movie, for sure. But we found our hearts squeezed, our minds challenged, and our hope strengthened. And as a side, we are looking for a good ministry to support that specifically addresses human trafficking. Love to hear comments you may have on that.

The other movie we decided to watch in chunks again, which we own, is Expelled. Oh my. If you have not seen it and you live near us, we'd love to lend it to you. It is incredible. Again. Not the warm and fuzzy kind of film that will make you smile. But, if you know Christ, it will strengthen your faith.

Both of these two movies make me think of our kiddos. Life can seem so utterly messed up. I can see how people may think life is not worth living for. Yet that's exactly why I couldn't help thinking of our kiddos and what we want for them.

We want them to have the HOPE that comes only in Christ.

Knowing You, Jesus, knowing You! There is no greater thing!

Kiddos, O that you would have that hope! In Christ alone our hope is found! For we know that life on earth is not the end of the story. And for those who love God through Christ Jesus, though they die, yet shall they live! Live for God.


Team Whitney said...

Here's a ministry that our church partners with. I've heard from people who've gone on short term missions trips there that many children are saved from trafficking and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior there. Here's the link

Much love!

Erin said...

Here are a few sites that I found...Klove did a Closer Look about Ahava kids. That was really eye opening b/c I had not thought about this being such an issue here in the US...Natalie Grant has been vocal on the radio as well. This has been on my heart too; I'm sure there are many options! I'll pray that God leads you to where he sees fit but I thank him for your willing heart.

PS...congrats on Baby 5!! :)