Friday, March 27, 2009

More Changes

Baby #5 is a fourth closer to be being held in our arms this week! Ooooo! I can't wait to meet him or her!!!! I can't tell you how much I think about this newest little one being knit together in my womb, especially when I'm nursing Sweet Pea. She's getting SO big!

And this is what I (and because it affects everyone when I'm up to something) / we are living like lately:

I'm planning a big change. We're shifting LOTS of stuff around all because of the monster called LAUNDRY. Specifically, the monster has to do with the kids clothes. Even on a good day if I wash and dry them and even fold them, getting them in the right drawer in the right room is near impossible. And the baskets grow and the pile of clean clothes on the couch grows and then there are MORE urine accidents which calls for immediate washing of more sheets and more jammies and looking for more clothes. And then every month it seems someone has outgrown something and that something needs to be "stored" in a temporary place until I can get to the attic (or get Hubby to get the tubs down from the attic!). It is quite overwhelming and has been a growing source of trouble for me. So, in thinking about adding a fifth child's clothes to the mix... I almost lost it!

Put, praise be to God who gives wisdom to those who ask and need it, He has given me a plan! The solution, which will not be perfect but will greatly reduce much anxiety, is to have a clothes room! Some peeps call it a family closet. Well, I'm not putting the Papa and Mama Bear clothes in our clothes room BUT we are still being affected.

Dressers... gone... for the most part. Taking up too much space and allow for too little storage for a fam of 6, soon to be 7. Think about how much clothing a family of 7 might have! Imagine it! The rare chance the family of seven are minimalists and have 7-10 outfits per person that adds up to 49-70 outfits (and that's not including pajamas, socks, swimsuits, etc.)!

Rooms... changed. Not too long ago (last month?) we rearranged our 1st floor by switching our Dining Room and our Office/Living room. The room that used to be our Living Room has become our School/Play Room. One of the bookshelves from upstairs now holds all my teaching items. It's like a real classroom! And it is working out SO well! The highlight has been getting our new Mac Mini! It is SWEEEEEET and because my think-of-it-all Hubby had the idea to use our TV screen as our monitor, it's HUGE! (As a side, it's been great in the keeping me accountable area with wasting time online while throwing a video on for the kiddos. That can't happen anymore! Wahoo!)

The second floor has now changed too. Former Nursery is now Nursery/Guest Room because we moved the extra single bed we had in "the Narnia Room" in with the crib and later today (hopefully) we'll move the big desk and hutch into there as well. The thinking is when we have a guest we can have the baby sleep in our room in a pack-n-play. Our room is down one big dresser and holds the rocking chair and small 3-drawer bureau that used to be in the Office. The Kid Room is just losing the dressers and will be a bit shifted around to create more space. The former Narnia Room has been morphed into the Clothes Room.

The Clothes Room was stripped of everything and received the changing table, our old big dresser, and we got a big unit from Walmart last night (on our date night, of course) and 8 big baskets to go on the shelves. The plan is to have a shelf for each kid. I'm going to somehow label it.

I'm hoping this plan will generally, with tweaks here and there, last about five years. By then I'll have a 9, 8, 7, 5.5, and 4.5 year old and they'll be able to do a lot more. But since I'm the one washing, drying, folding, and putting away most of/all of it now, I need this change!

Future plans still include adding shelves to the two underused closets upstairs to house extra blankets, pillows, move towels there, and to house all my free or cheap razors, soaps, feminine products, lotions, etc. Our open space opposite our back door leading to the garage will hopefully be converted into a pantry/more organized shoe holder space. Depending on BLee's plans for the Fall, we may move to having a Girls Room (where BLee is now) and keeping the boys where they are now. But, honestly, they love being in a room together and Paloma can't wait to join them. She LOVES being in the same room with them!

I'll post pictures soon!


Team Whitney said...

Wow, lots of changes. It's awesome to think of what your family may be like in 5 years!!!

Waitsfam said...

Good job! Blessings-

Pappa Whitney said...

I want a room for my guns, ammo, and spears.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for all of you. Pure shock to me know one told me.
Aunt Agnese