Friday, February 13, 2009

A Brief Update

Here is a brief update on what's up in the Whitney home...

Papa Bear - Encouraged Saraina-bug to do poopie on the potty by proclaiming a "Poopie Parade" for her "beautiful brown poopie."  Mama Bear is stunned it worked since she had tried (in vain) for months to get her to be fully potty-trained!  He leads this crazy, loud family and everyone seems to joyfully follow.

Mama Bear - Having fun teaching (mainly) Joshua and (sometimes) Saraina to read.  Joshua actually sounded out his first word (cat) on the 10th and couldn't get enough of reading -at family words.  Saraina-bug sounded out her first word (sat) yesterday morning.  They are so funny as they sit side by side. Reading showing off their "pretty letters" as Saraina calls them.

Joshua - He has enjoyed praying out loud, learning how to read, and helping Mommy clear the table, fold laundry, and recently learned how to put the pillowcase on his pillow.  He is quite the leader at the age of four but continues to be on the shy side away from home.  His memory is sharp, his focus applaudable, and his desire to learn high.  He watches and hears everything and doesn't miss a beat!

Saraina - Sissy continues to remind everyone that though she can hang with her brothers, she is all girl!  She wears her colorful jewelry, tiara, carries her purse to the library, and considers everything beautiful.  It's adorable how she phrases some things.  She'll say "stool step" for step stool.  And today she wanted "muffin chocolates" instead of chocolate muffins.  And she likes for me to call her "Daughter Saraina."

Kadin - Our lightweight chunk is... LOUD.  His volume continues to increase as he plays the drum or guitar.  He loves music and babies.  His favorite baby is still "Mony" (aka Paloma) and remains being very affectionate towards her.  His favorite word is still NO, he loves puzzles, will run your toes over with the big trucks, constantly wants to have his babies dressed, and thinks letters are very cool.  The boy is full of surprises and contradictions!  

Paloma - PJ is so sweet.  Her long hair makes her look older than she is.  She sings the sweetest songs in the early morning hours before anyone makes it into her room.  She's a solid eater and enjoys banana, avocado, peas and carrots regularly.  In fact, she is now "regular" which we thank God for!  She makes all of us oooo and ahhhh on a regular basis.

Well, that's is for now.  Papa, PJ and I are off to MN for a mini-vacation... I mean Marriage Retreat.  BLee is chillin' with the kiddos.  The kiddos are excited, B claims she's really looking forward to it, and well, Papa and I will be hanging on the corner with our bags waiting for our ride!  Yipee!!!!!  If you think of us, pray for B to have energy to keep up with Kadin, us to have safe travels, and the kiddos to obey with joyful hearts!

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Team Whitney said...

Always so much fun and excitement with the Aurora Whitneys. We love you guys very much (and will be praying for your trip)!