Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Day Filled with Grace

Yesterday Joshua came up to me as I was getting dinner ready and said,

"Mommy.  I didn't get so many swats today."

(Yes, we discipline our kiddos.  And when we need to administer the rod, we call them "swats.")

Well, I kinda didn't know how to respond as I wasn't sure where he was going with his comment.  So, I asked a follow-up question.

"Why do you think you didn't get so many swats?"

His response...

"Because I obeyed today!"

Knowing some reading this strictly oppose disciplining children and consider it abuse, I wholeheartedly believe it is abuse to NOT discipline children.  So hearing my son begin to put together that there are consequences to our every thought and action is motivation for me to continue training and disciplining them in the Lord.  I want it to go well with my children when they are older.  I want them to live for God as they become more and more aware of their sinfulness and His holiness.

One other note for those who oppose disciplining children, what we believe and practice is only effective when the training component has been in place.  It's not about how hard and how much can I spank my kid.  It's about us showing them and helping them discern what is pleasing behavior and what is not.

Thank You, Lord.  We sure did have a great day yesterday and it had NOTHING to do with me!  It was ALL simply by Your grace that any good came out of our day.  Trust me.  I remember my stinking attitude first thing in the morning and the hopelessness I shared with William.  But by Your amazing grace, it was a day we watched no TV, saw no videos, and didn't leave the house.  Instead we read a chapter in one of their kid Bibles, went through their Scripture memory (at the request of Joshua!), cleaned and organized and played all day!  How kind You are.

And the last thing Joshua said on the subject was, "Today was the best day!"  

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