Friday, January 23, 2009

I Won!

I periodically check Freebates, a blog that lists all sorts of rebates (most FREE after rebate!) that are available.  I've taken advantage of some of them, too, and recently won a Coupon Organizer from the woman behind the blog, Lori.

Can I tell you how PUMPED I am about winning this!?  As many of you know, I have my coupon binder but lugging that thing to the store requires much effort and a constant battle of fear of man.  Having this nifty organizer will allow me to only bring the coupons I need for the particular stores I plan to go to during my outing AND be ready for the cashier.

Note: It is CRITICAL being organized upon checkout.  Last night William and I went to Meijer to get some dealios and as he was doling out the coupons I was checking the register monitor as I loaded the cart (in my anal way, I might add) when I noticed a mysterious $4 addition for "MAT LATTE."

I racked my brain quickly trying to figure out what that meant and as we were wheeling the cart away I realized that we did not purchase anything for $4 exactly thus making that an error.

The result? We went to Customer Service and got $4. 29 credited back to our credit card (which we pay off in full - another key to saving $$).  Thank You, Lord!

Anyway, if you're interested in another SMALL way to make your money go a bit further, check out Lori's FREEBATES site!

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