Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kadin David!

January 12, 2009

Dear Kadin David,

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!  Since Daddy recently took you to the doctor to check on your fever and cough, it is official that though you are our "big boy," you really aren't that big at all!  One week shy of your 2nd bday you weighed in at only 25 lbs, including clothes and a diaper!  But 'baby' you are not!

Lil' Manimal, there are so many things I love about you, how God has wired you.  I love that you are still such a cuddly guy and enjoy being held by me or Daddy... or just about any body.  You are particularly sweet with Paloma Joy.  I think you give her more kisses than you give me!  I pray you remain affectionate, never refraining from extending the love of Christ to others.

I love how you are beginning to really put words and sentences together.  Some of the words I love to hear you say are:

- water = wadee
- hug = hi eee
- help = how woo
- I want = Ah wanna Ah wanna
- Paloma = Oma
- Joshua = Oshwa
- Saraina = Aynee
- cow = moooo

And what most people comment on after spending just a short amount of time in your presence is your facial expressions.  You have got to be the most facially animated kid I have ever seen.  Perhaps we can market that and make some cash off of you!  Either way, Daddy and I are set on steering you to use that in a way that brings God glory.

I love you, lil fellow and I thank our God for creating you and granting me to be your mama!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kadin!!!!!

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Team Whitney said...

Happy Birthday, Kadin! We love you very much.