Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some Recommendations

Things are busy as we prepare for Christmas. I've got tons of blog posts in my head but quite honestly, they'll probably stay there! I will update you on my adventures in cooking deer soon. That was just too memorable to not post. Hopefully soon!

Anyway, four recommendations for you. The first two are ways I've supplemented our income and have been able to save money. They are both free and require little effort - which I'm all about! The third is simply a rec on a good article from a great Uncle. The fourth rec is on a good resource for Advent.

Here you go!

1 - If you like sharing your opinion (like I do!) and are willing to do some online (or phone) surveys, check out SYNOVATE. I'm getting $10 for completing about 7 surveys in that past month. This is something I don't do often. Just when I've got a moment, about once a week or so.

2 - Another way I've been trying to earn a little to offset our budget is through SWAGBUCKS search engine. It is so easy! Use it anytime you want to search for anything (opposed Google or whatever search engine you normally would). And earn stuff like Starbucks gift cards for doing the searching you would be doing anyway!

3- Our very own Uncle Tim has written a cool commentary that we think you might find worth reading! Please check it out! (And to the Waits... we will miss seeing you guys but we COMPLETELY understand. The Jetta wouldn't start at church on Sunday it was so cold up here! It felt like -30 degrees!)

4 - Looking for a good Advent resource? We bit the bullet and purhased THIS and have been greatly pleased. The kiddos have actually been memorizing the text and ask to "read the Advent book" each night! It costs a pretty penny but we have high hopes that it'll be around for a good while!

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