Saturday, December 06, 2008

Only Believe

Do not fear, only believe. -- Mark 5:36

I keep meditating on this passage in Mark. I think I've reread it about 5 times last week. But it's just so powerful.

This morning as I read it a fewmore times, I just began to tear up, overwhelmed by how good God is to give us these words.

I felt the Lord saying to me,

Kia, believe that I will help you with the many tasks ahead of you today.
Kia, believe that I will continue to provide your family with exactly what you need.
Kia, believe that I LOVE you.
Kia, believe that I sent my Son to die... for you.
Kia, believe that those in your life whom you love I love more.
Kia, believe that if I choose to enlarge your family I will not leave you.

Kia, fear not about tomorrow.
Kia, fear not about giving to My work.
Kia, fear not about the sin I am revealing in your heart for I am sanctifying you.
Kia, fear not about what man can do to you for you are Mine.
Kia, fear not for I am with you.

Do not fear, only believe. -- Mark 5:36
So I am worshipping the One and Only and True and Perfect and All-knowing God. And I pray those who read this would be compelled to do the same. Yes, it's a risk! Yes, you won't have all your questions answered. But rest in knowing that you are NOT God so you won't EVER know everything. But The One who IS perfect made you, loves you, and sent His Son to die for you.

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