Thursday, December 11, 2008

My New Challenge

Had to post this. William called me a little ago and says,

"Hey, Wifey! Guess what I have in the trunk?!?!"

Clueless as to where he was going with this line of questioning I shake my head and say,

"I don't know?"

How does my DEAR husband answer?

"This guy who does some work for me said he hunted and has some DEER meat for me! Yeah! I got a LEG of a DEER! It's all wrapped up. He even told me how to drain the blood out of it but you'll have look up how to cook venison!"

Okay. I'm black and I did not grow up eating DEER meat. My Jamaican grandmother cooks some sweet lamb and goat but... DEER? I don't know nuthin' 'bout it! How does a wife who wants to encourage her husband respond?

"That is blog-worthy, William!"

Oh, I also said, "What?! Deer? I don't eat deer?" Look, I've grown much in homemaking but this will certain stretch me. Yes, many people eat deer but... I'm having a bit of a time with it. I struggle as it is getting my kids to eat chicken on the bone, hamburgers, and any meat that doesn't resemble chicken nuggets!

Now, to all you deer-eating folks out in cyberspace, got any suggestions? Oh, and let me know if you'd like to come over for dinner anytime soon. Sounds like we'll be having lots of meat!

So, to my Vanilla Shake, you crack me up! I don't know how this is gonna turn out but know that I'm doing some online searching to prepare a venison feast for you. That is after you "drain the blood from it" (whatever that means!). I love you and yo' crazy style!


Cara said...

Ah, you guys are so great. I'm enjoying some laughter over this scenario... God bless you in your new culinary venture, Kia!

Cristina said...

I know some gals in TX who know how to cook deer. Just e-mail me if you want their e-mails!

Will and Sena said...

Hey Kia!! I just happened across your blog today and saw this post!
My Will loves to hunt and grew up eating venison, and it was quite a stretch for me as well when we got married!! The best thing I learned is that dear meat is sooo lean, it's good to add a little oil or fat when you're cooking it on the stove or it will burn!

If you grind it or cut it into cubes it makes a very yummy chili. That's actually my favorite way to eat it, and that would be my suggestion since you have a leg and not one of the loins.

Good luck!! And I'm so glad I found your blog!
~~Sena Alexander

Will and Sena said...

oops... I misspelled deer... sorry!