Monday, November 17, 2008


Today William and I have moved into our eighth year of marriage as we mark SEVEN full years of marriage.

What can I say? I LOVE being married to my man!

Did you catch that, Pops? I love being married to you.

Check it out. Here's what our years together have looked like:

1st year of marriage - 2001-2002 - one word descriptor: TRAVEL.

Do you remember how much we traveled? We traveled to NJ, NY, MD, and PA for our honeymoon and so you could meet your black fam. We traveled to your folks place so I could see where you grew up. We traveled to FL for our 3 month anniversary. (Remember that family-style all you could eat fried chicken place! Ooooo!) We traveled to TX when your Grandmom passed away. And, of course, I was finishing up in that psycho job traveling all over the midwest.

2nd year of marriage - 2002-2003 - one word descriptor: DOCTRINE.

We moved to CLC and were introduced to good doctrine. Sound doctrine. I think that was the first time I even heard the word before! That year we were sensing the need for a strong, Bible-believing and teaching church and the Lord led us to just the place He knew would stretch and grow us.

3rd year of marriage - 2003-2004 - one word descriptor: RISKS.

We took some leaps of faith this year as I offically RETIRED from teaching and we moved from two incomes to one. We still had debt. We were in the process of buying a condo. And we'd soon find out we were expecting our first kiddo. We probably looked crazy from the outside (okay, we always look crazy.). We even tried to sell that Subaru and move to one car. I believe we got bikes from Walmart so I could peddle my way around! (And to think I've only ridden that bike a handful of times!)

4th year of marriage - 2004-2005 - one word descriptor: PARENTING.

It all started during this year of marriage as we had not one but two kids by the time our anniversary rolled around! Remember how psycho I was as a parent then? Yes, I still am but there has been much growth, right?! Can you recall all those comments I'd get from people about having 2 kids so close? Gotta love those discouraging comments by people. But they haven't turned us off to wanting more. Are we crazy? Maybe but at least we're unified!

5th year of marriage - 2005-2006 - one word descriptor: MONEY.

Tough times, no? Debt, debt, debt, health insurance costs, public assistance, MIRACULOUS GIFTS, MIRACULOUS PROVISION, change in how we viewed money. Began budgeting. Began paying debt down.

6th year of marriage - 2006-2007 - one word descriptor: CHANGE.

You had FOUR jobs this year of marriage and a period of joblessness! We went from condo owner to renter to single family home owner. We sold a home. We bought a home. We added another kiddo to the fam. We changed states. We changed churches.

7th year of marriage - 2007-2008 - one word descriptor: BIG!

We got the big stove for the big house. (Another story for another blog entry!) We find out our front door is really big. We see just how much of a big job our old house is. We officially (in our minds at least) became a big family as we welcomed baby #4. And our bellies keep getting big!

What will the 8th year of marriage bring?

Maybe this:

Whatever it is I'm so glad we'll be doing it together! I love you, Hubby!


Team Whitney said...

Congratulations! May God bless you abundantly in your 8th year of marriage!

Cara said...

You were on my heart this morning, Whitney fam. I'm praying for you--especially you, Mama Kia!

andrea_jennine said...

What a great idea to choose one word for each year! I'm storing that away for future use...